Agent Level
Target Cubes
Lawson Count

Your Agent Level is .

Your team lead has recommended a target of L8 Power Cubes for a total target capacity XM.

A Lawson Power Cube is worth L8C for you at your level - it stores much greater density of XM.

So we recommend having Lawson Cubes to realize a maximum space savings of inventory slots.

You currently have Lawson Cubes.

You will need an additional L8C to reach the target capacity.

You will be using a total of inventory slots for all cubes, a savings of

You could still save more inventory slots for that target by getting more Lawson Cubes.

Instructions: All team inventory requirements include some amount of L8 Powercubes. Lawson cubes have more stored XM, but the capacity varies by agent level. Enter the recommended number of cubes, your level and the number of actual Lawson cubes you have farmed and this app will show you how many Lawson Powercubes you need and how many additional L8 Powercubes you need.