It takes a region to win an anomaly! Every agent DOES count and we can’t reach them all without your help. We’ve devised a special Invader matrix to organize incentives for the communities that bring in the most agents. Convince your friends and fellow agents in your area to join you in New Orleans. We’re happy to help organize group housing and/or transportation for all budgets and get you all on a team together.

The top 12 communities attending will receive FREE Invader swag for each member including a sticker and a patch.

The top 6 communities will also receive their community logo on the back of our anomaly t-shirts.

The #1 top community attending will also receive a $100 bar tab at our Resistance after-after party or will receive an extra drink ticket per community-member attending, whichever is greater.

The competition is weighted by distance from New Orleans and by city/region size. Any community in the world can win!

Note: This is an initial sample of the matrix and it may be adjusted. See the #invader channel for details as things progress!

What does it look like right now?


Need more details? Make sure you’ve signed up on, get your friends to do the same and then check out the #Invader channel on Slack to get the info and the tools you need to be our top Invader community!


Have questions about the anomaly and don’t know who to contact? E-mail and we’ll get you sorted ASAP.