Pokémon Go

Welcome, Pokémon Go players! You may have received our flyer with a map of New Orleans showing
PoGo “hot spots” and some tips & tricks or otherwise been sent here by one of our friendly Blue Voodoo agents. We’re glad you’re here! Below is a map of “Hot Spots” which are dense areas of potential Poképlay where you can expect to find a lot of pokéstops, gyms, and Pokémon in a relatively small area. These are typically parks, historic districts, or other areas where people regularly congregate or there is a lot of public art. The list of pinned locations is below that with Google Maps links for each. Check back here as more will be added to this page soon.

Live Chat at pokechat.bluevoodoo.la


Kenner & Metairie:
New Orleans Lakefront & Mid-City: