Trickster Swag

Team Enigma: Camp Trickster is proud to be presenting Misty’s Trickster Top Hat at the Magnus Reawakens event in California on May 20, 2017. Our archetype, “The Trickster,” is represented by Misty Hannah. Misty is a magician and is often seen in a top hat, ready at any moment to show you a trick. 

Our portal design plays on the top hat element of the Trickster archetype and will bring the magic of the Magnus Reawakens event to an entirely unexpected level. The swag for sale here will provide much needed funds to cover our mystical portal construction. Follow along on the Team Enigma: Camp Trickster G+ Collection

We recommend grabbing one of the limited “Trickster Trunk” bundles which includes a slew of custom, magical items as well as a coin and pin in a wooden box. The only two items available a la carte outside of the trunk are a coin and a Tarot card. 

Purchase Camp Trickster Swag:

Our team members are spread far and wide and luckily include well known Ingress swag designers and producers. The coin and pin were designed by Ruth Shepherd of, and the Tarot card and other elements were designed by Miho S, who has been featured in the official Ingress store. Cade Roux, a Blue Voodoo member, has produced swag for multiple New Orleans anomaly events and regularly assists Resistance swag production efforts worldwide. Together we aim to produce the highest quality swag with the greatest impact.