We Won Abaddon!

We Won Abaddon!

New Orleans hosted our second primary Ingress XM anomaly on Saturday, November 14, 2015 during the Abaddon series. Over a thousand agents from around the world battled for New Orleans that day as part of ground forces, long distance shard teams, and navy crews. The Enlightened outnumbered the Resistance on the ground, but due to smart use of resources and sheer force of will, the Resistance won the day by capturing four XM shards that were moved with precision from Charlotte, North Carolina to the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain within hours.

Niantic agreed, posting:

“A truly astounding performance.

The Enlightened fought hard in New Orleans and seemed to be building a comfortable lead until the Resistance pulled out all the stops to capture the Final Measurement, cutting their opponent’s lead down considerably. The Enlightened maintained a strong upper hand in Charlotte, and also made a strong push to capture Pittsburgh after falling behind earlier in the Anomaly. The Resistance, meanwhile, held Guatemala over the course of the day.

However, in a truly impressive feat, Resistance Agents across the region mobilized and transported 4 XM Shards from Charlotte to New Orleans — more than a thousand kilometers over land — to help overcome the unrelenting Enlightened ground force in New Orleans. Immediately following the capture of the Shards, Resistance Agents threw large Fields over Charlotte and New Orleans to counter a last minute Enlightened push. Combined with an aggressive shield of blocking Links to the south holding the XM Shards in Guatemala at bay, this was a praiseworthy stratagem executed with precision.

Dr. Martin Schubert, a bastion of skepticism and critical thinking, now stands with the Resistance.”

As Abaddon came to a close in December our win in New Orleans proved to be instrumental to the overall outcome of the series. The Resistance narrowly captured victory with a score of 13-12.

Blue Voodoo continues to welcome visitors to New Orleans regularly – if you are planning to visit or are already in town – speak up on Faction COMM and one of our team members will meet you and provide free BV swag. 

We look forward to participating in anomaly events locally and throughout the region in 2016. Viva la Resistance!