Darsana Prime Accommodations Available

Darsana Prime Anomaly comes to New Orleans on 23-FEB-2019.

Come to New Orleans as Mardi Gras gets into full swing.

Darsana Prime Accommodations are now available.

These accommodations at the Hilton New Orleans/St. Charles Avenue put you right on the parade route and in the middle of it all!

That weekend from Friday to Sunday there are 11 parades that pass in front of your hotel alone! That’s not counting the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus (From Star Trek to Star Wars, Unicorns to Ninjas and Pirates) and the Krewe of Barkus (all the good doggies!).

Parade Schedule

Via Noir Swag Shop Now Open!

New Orleans is steeped in traditions that may seem strange to the outside onlooker. She has been kissed by much history and many cultures, all of which have left identifying marks (and sometimes scars) on her face. The local Resistance have embraced those roots that are permeated by Voodoo, hence the team name “Blue Voodoo”.

Niantic has again chosen New Orleans to be a Q4 Ingress anomaly primary site. Because of this, Blue Voodoo team members have quickly snapped into action preparing to make this event not only victorious for the Resistance, but memorable and fun by putting their own unique twist on things.

This year’s logo, designed by agent NarumiFox, features a jazz funeral for a frog. Jazz funerals are a tradition uniquely New Orleans. They start with the mourners slowly making their way to the burial place with a brass band playing a slow and somber song. Once the burial is finished, the procession leaves with dance and celebration – the band picks up and the jazz music starts. Traditionally, the procession is led by the “main line” comprised of the brass band, family and friends of the deceased and funeral directors who are then followed by the group of people marching behind them or, the “second line”. Blue Voodoo’s particular  jazz funeral is led by their mascot, Baron Samedi. In voodoo, the Baron is the loa of the dead. He is known for his affinity for tobacco, rum and degenerate behavior. So, it is only fitting to have him lead the Resistance’s jazz funeral and second line for the rival Enlightened team’s frog.

“Music here is as much a part of death as it is of life.” – Sidney Bechet, 1897-1959, New Orleans Jazzman

The Baron will be accompanied by a sidekick, Tootie Laveau. Tootie Laveau is a mischievous bird that has recently taken to nesting with her mighty hordes of tootie birds in Slack. Do keep an eye out for Tootie Laveau here and there. Outside of slack, her brethren can be found taking up residence in various New Orleans trees, making a ruckus and breeding indiscriminately.

Tootie Laveau is based off of the party parrot while real-life tootie birds are green quaker parrots and have graced New Orleans since their accidental introduction via the pet trade.

Our Swag Shop is open for purchases as of today and features a special bundle for each of our honored mascots. 

Order yours today and check out the rest of the Swag Shop for more amazing products and deals – including throwbacks from Darsana and Abaddon and our Resistance Navy coin!

This year’s Ingress anomaly is entitled “Via Noir” and takes place November 12, 2016. New Orleans is also hosting it’s second Ingress Mission Day on November 13, 2016.

Please join the local Blue Voodoo agents on the ground to make this a successful resistance win. Register here now