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Magnus Reawakens: Camp Trickster

Designed by Ruth Shepherd, of swagaddicts.com, and Miho S, who has been featured in the official Ingress store, all proceeds from this swag will support the Camp Trickster portal construction at Magnus Reawakens. This swag is very limited in quantity and will ship in the last week of May and first week of June, 2017. Certain items are restricted only to event attendees and are not available to be shipped. LOCAL PICKUP for Magnus Reawakens items is either at the event, in Santa Rosa, CA, or via Southern California Resistance. 

Fate of the 13

Designed by Pam Maloney and Miho S, all proceeds from #fateofthe13 sales will be used to fund IRFN operations. #Fateofthe13 Purchases of $6 or more will include a biocard with code redeemable for a shards supporter achievement medal in The Grid. We hope you love our Tecthulhu circuit-inspired theme and take advantage of the global production and fulfillment we have coordinated.

Pre-order now for delivery within 4 weeks. Quantities will be limited once pre-ordering closes.

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